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"I just want something quick and easy"

You may be looking to find peace, clarity or hope, and yet you don't have the time or energy or money to seek professional help.

Let me solve your issue. You will be guided in a 10 min intensive power coaching and healing session where you just need to follow simple instructions while I send remote healing to you. It may only be 10 minutes long but my clients feel a significant amount of shift in how the feel at the end of the session.

Take it as a little nudge for you to take the right step forward towards a life of more peace, meaning and abundance.

"I am looking for deep transformation"

You may have chronic pains, emotional blocks and intense unresolved emotions and you are finally ready to release them once and for all because you are sick of not living your best life.

I will contact your guides to decide how to best structure a healing program for you. It may consists of a mix of remote healing, coaching and messages from your guides. My work is an eclectic blend of sound healing, past life regression, channelling of messages and healing energies from the spirit guides. I don't follow any standard protocol. Everything I do and say to you in a session comes from the divine for they remain the best source of healing and insights.

Why choose me as your healer and teacher?
selective photo of petaled flower
selective photo of petaled flower

I cannot sell myself to you because that's not my style. I can only promise to you that every single healing, advice, process that I do for you, are guided by your spirit guides and beings of the highest level of the divine. You do not need to be religious to believe what I say. I don't preach, neither do I try and save you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN HEALER. My job is to just facilitate a safe space for your healing, with the help of my presence and my use of sound healing.

Does it work? Yes, I can definitely say it does, as do the countless people whom I have worked with. Just that sometimes the healing from the session takes up to 6 months to integrate so you might just want to be patient and observe the changes happening inside and outside you. If your heart feels drawn to me, please fill in the enquiry form or email me at enquiry@seekpeacewithlena.com. You can also Whatsapp me but please do not call, just text, and no spamming please. I look very much forward to partner you in your healing journey.

You are the master of your life... are you ready for it?

It's going to work like this
First, decide what issues you choose to work on. If you are not sure what they are, please let me know so that I can connect to your spirit guides to ask what is the best issue to focus on at this time of your life.

Second, Whatsapp or email me to introduce your name and age. The name doesn't need to be in full, it is just for me to address you.

As for the healing process it really depends on what your spirit guides recommend. The entire duration could range from 10 minutes to 6 months. The method of treatment is completely channelled - no 2 clients will receive the same protocol. I will let you know what the process entails for you and I will give you an idea of what changes to expect after the healing sessions have ended and what you need to do to ensure that the healing is successfully integrated in your body. The energy exchange for the session/s also depends on what your guides recommend. I have given away free sessions before, and I have also charged 4 figures before. Please trust that your guides know what is the best fee for you to invest in that would optimise the healing for you.

That's it! My healing is powerful but precise and gentle. I will do my best to facilitate your healing, with the help of your spirit beings and the entire universe, so that you can live your best life.

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1 to 1 mentoring 

This mentoring is between the mentee and mentor: or, you and me. There will be no other people involved.


You will receive an exclusive strategy for your business, designed to meet your specific objectives.


You will not receive pre-recorded material. I will be behind every video call and message you receive.

Weekly email support

I will set aside one day a week to answer all the questions you send me via email so you have ongoing support throughout the 8 weeks.