Welcome! I'm Lena Chen

Thank you for being here.

I have been in the spiritual healing industry for over 15 years, almost the same time that my first born came into my life. Back then, I was a newly minted counsellor in a small counselling centre, and having majored in Social Work in university, I was passionate about helping others in a deep, impactful way, but I was sadly lacking in tools that are powerful and effective enough to bring my clients the results they were trying to achieve, which was peace and clarity. I prayed to the universe, to lead me to something that can help me serve in a bigger, deeper way, and that was when I stumbled upon Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Tapping which it is now known as. I was beyond thrilled! Not only did it help my clients release energy blocks in an amazingly short time so that they could access their wisdom and move forward in their lives with ease, I was also able to heal myself with it, since I have been riddled with depression and anxiety ever since I was a young girl.

My journey to being a healer continued. I went onto to study hypnotherapy and later on, past life regression therapy. Finally, I discovered sound healing. I was attending a healing retreat as a participant, and during one of the sessions where we were lying down to receive sound healing from the facilitator, I spontaneously sat up and started to sing along. Amazingly, none of this was prearranged, and I was hearing the facilitator's sound healing for the first time, yet my voice and hers melded together perfectly in a wondrous symphony. Months later, I engaged another healer for a soul report, and when I read it, what leaped out of the page for me was, "Your words and voice heal". That gave me the courage to add sound healing to my toolbox, and I quickly realised that it was even more powerful than all the previous modalities I have learnt. If EFT is like removing bricks from a brick wall one by one, and past life regression was like sitting on top of the brick wall for a bird's eye view of the scenery, sound healing would be akin to blasting the entire wall to smithereens, yet in such a gentle way that it doesn't lead to a healing crisis for the client.

When my second born entered my life 8 years ago, I learnt to communicate with my spirit guides. I have always had a keen intuition, which I realised, thanks to working with clients. I was able to tune into their emotions very closely, and navigate the sessions without the use of standard protocols, but by using my intuition to decide what words to say, and what techniques to use. But I was my greatest skeptic, and when I started talking to my spirit guides, I was always doubting that it's all made up. Thankfully, my guides understood that I needed convincing, and there were countless times, when what my guides told me were confirmed by reality. For instance, a client was with me and when I tuned in to check what the issue was, I heard my guides say, "her skin". I was confused. Her face was clear, and her skin showed no obvious damage. I told my client what I heard, and she just smiled and pulled up her trousers to reveal her legs which were covered in scratch marks and scars.

I could probably write a book about how talking to my spirit guides, and later on, other people's spirit guides as well, elevated my healing practice and my personal life to a whole new level. But let's move on to YOU. If you are ready to connect to more peace in your life, please know that my purpose is exactly that - to help you to release your troubles so that you can feel more at peace, that can lead to a way of living that is more joyful, abundant and fulfilling. Peace doesn't have to feel like a faraway, unreachable state. I understand your pain and I would like to use my years of experience and honed intuitive skills to assist you in your journey towards wholeness.

Connect with me! It will be my honour to partner you in creating a life of fullness, stability and purpose. Blessings be!

How can I help you?

Tell me what challenges you are facing and/or what goals you would like to achieve. This gives me permission to tune into your spirit guides to receive information about the root causes of your issues and what would be the best way to structure the healing process for you. All information will be kept private and confidential. You can also follow me on my social networks or write to my email: enquiry@seekpeacewithlena.com